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Exclusive Hosting has registered for one of its customers. If you are the legitimate domain name possessor, you can manipulate it by logging in your hosting Control Panel.

Domain Names

from $4.50 USD per year

Grab your killer online address with Exclusive Hosting – a low-budget domain registrations accounts retailer, before it’s gone. Free controls – modify NS, edit Whois, multiple parked domains.

Cheap domain

One of the most important prerequisites for building a successful Internet presence is the domain. It is what people will perceive first when they stumble upon your web page and what they will identify you with. The domain name should be easy to remember, but should also be something that informs your site's visitors what the web site is about.

CLOUD Web Hosting

from $2.95 USD /mo

Select where to host your web sites with Exclusive Hosting – a top Linux website hosting plan provider with almost ten years of experience in the web hosting business. Webspace hosting data centers in the United States, England, Sweden and Australia. A point & click Control Panel.

Cheap shared web hosting

As the information technology industry evolves constantly, innovative hosting services are brought in to render web page creation and administration simpler than ever. A web page hosting plan with the smallest server storage and traffic amounts used to cost 10’s of USD a month, but as of now, some service providers offer unmetered plans for only a fraction of this price, permitting customers and small-sized businesses to take their place in the Internet universe.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting

from $22.00 USD /mo

Enjoy more power for your growing sites with Exclusive Hosting – a top semi dedicated hosting server plans provider. Get a point and click Control Panel, a Free Site Builder & a Free One-click Web Apps Installer. 24x7 support.

Semi-dedicated hosting service

The budget semi-dedicated server web hosting solutions from Exclusive Hosting are setup for those of you, whose web demands have started to outgrow the resources of their actual web hosting service, and who are not yet feeling ready to move to a dedicated server. Semi-dedicated web server solutions surpass VPS mainly in the larger amount of resources that enable you to run more traffic-hungry web pages and more complex scripts and applications. Each semi-dedicated plan is equipped with unlimited disk space and monthly traffic quotas, unlimited hosted domains and mailboxes, etc. Also, you will get a FREE Web Hosting Control Panel with a quick drag and drop interface that makes working with your semi-dedicated server really easy.

Dedicated Servers

from $65.00 USD /mo

Get the best hosting conditions for your sites with Exclusive Hosting – a best dedicated web hosting solutions company. You will take advantage of a Free Control Panel and a bunch of free dedicated IPs. OS choices. Full root-level access. No server configuration fees.

What is dedicated web servers

Informational portals, social networks and video sharing web portals are very popular and heavy web portals that necessitate a lot of resources to function. The more visitors a site is having simultaneously, the more resources will be required to cope with all the requests from the customers' browsers and to fulfill them. For that reason a dedicated server would be the optimal website hosting environment for such web pages.